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Starting with an opportunity keyword an opportunity to keyword is like a regular keyword, but better I’ll explain you probably noticed that Google’s first page is packed with more stuff than ever before for example, take a look at the first page for this keyword, ecommerce website. You’ve got a bunch of ads above the fold, a featured snippet, a questions box and news results, which is exactly why now, I focus almost a hundred percent on opportunity keywords. So, what are our options? 

What are keywords opportunity?


They are keywords with a high clickthrough rate or in other words their terms that don’t have a bunch of stuff on the first page that distracts people from the organic results. Let’s look at an example a while ago I created a page on my site optimized around the keyword SEO checklist and as it turns out SEO checklist is an opportunity keyword. Yep. There are a few ads on the page, but that’s not really a big deal. It’s actually a good thing because it shows that people are bidding on that keyword in Google ads.  

Other than that the page is pretty clean, which means the focus is on the organic results. Bottom line look at the search results before picking a keyword if it’s packed with stuff consider going for an opportunity keyword. That’s going to get you more clicks with that. Let’s move on to step number two.  

Check out the content competition.


Okay, so you found an opportunity keyboard. What’s next what most people with do is open WordPress and start writing but that’s actually a huge mistake. In fact, that’s what I used to do back in the day. I would write something that I think would rank in Google today. I know better today. I analyzed the first page results to see what’s already working in other words my content competition and once I figure out the type of content that Google wants to see for that keyword then I start creating content for example, look at the first page results for the keyword ecommerce conversion optimization as you can see the results are lists. 

So, if you wanted to rank for that keyword, you wouldn’t want to write a blog post like what makes a ecommerce convert better or not instead you want to post how talks about the ways to actually do it via a list. How about another example? One of my most important keywords that I helped a client with was fafsa applications, when I did the keyword research back in the day, I looked at the content that was ranking for that term.  The content didn’t list out tips or strategies for fafsa applications instead they were all huge websites that just wanted the user to fill out an application. So, I decided to create a guide that covered pretty much everything there is to know about fafsa applications which help me crack the top three for this super competitive term with that.  

It’s time for our third step great content that’s different or better.

When it comes to creating content for SEO you have two main options, option number one you can create something different. Option number two is to create something better. I’ll explain most of the time you want to publish something that’s just way better. Better but sometimes it makes more sense to create something completely unique for example a few months ago I found the opportunity keyword Austin personal trainer and when I looked at the content competition, I noticed that most of the results were sites with applications and not posts about finding a great personal trainer.I could have created an application landing page, but that wouldn’t make any sense in this case. It made more sense to create something better. 

So that’s what I did. I spent two weeks writing this Ultimate Guide to finding a great personal trainer and because my content was completely different than what’s already out there It really stood out which led to tons of shares on social media backlinks and Google rankings. Like I mentioned earlier you can also just create something that’s straight-up better than what’s already out there. For example, a while back, I wanted to rank for the SEO expert Chicago and when I looked at the content that was already ranking most of them most were spammy looking sites that had thin content and really didn’t showcase the persons expertise on the matter. I could have copied them but I instead chose to create case studies and video. I publish the case studies and within 6 weeks my site was ranking 1 for the search term, Chicago SEO expert, Chicago SEO agency, Chicago Seo consultant. It was kind of insane but at the end of the day that post did really well. 

Which leads us to step number 4 Add Your Hook. 

This is an Advanced SEO strategy, so if you’re new to SEO, you might want to skip this step with that out of the way. Here’s how it works. You probably already know that in general, pages with the most backlinks ranked highest in Google, but how do you get people to link to you? Here’s a simple two-step process step number one figure out why people link to content in your industry (The Hook). Step number two include that hook in your content for example last year I noticed that more people were publishing content about Tiktok news and when I read that content, I though that’s super interesting. When people wrote about Tiktok in their article they used data and mentioned the users and link to their bio page. So, I created a similar strategy for a client and presto my article has been linked to thousands of times and if you look at those individual links most of them reference a specific Tiktok user. 

What do blogs and news sites loves to cover? New stuff and when you create something new you’ve got yourself a hook. For example, if I created a new strategy called the organic fireball effect. Do you think anyone has ever heard of it? Probably not, so think about your hook. 

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