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This guide will help you learn more about Amazon’s product launch services.

First off, let’s go over the 3 most common questions that people ask OrganicSearches when getting started with an Amazon product launch:

1) Are Amazon’s Terms Of Service (TOS), applicable to launches?

Amazon’s Terms of Service do not restrict the sale of products at a discount during a launch promotion. Amazon has yet to take action against sellers who have used product launches as part of a marketing strategy.

Giveaway coupons are just like retail stores offering customers special deals. Amazon will not take exception to a listing that offers discount codes indefinitely to subvert competition. Amazon will also take action against false claims and fraudulent activity made by you or your advertisements. When using a product-launch service, transparency is essential. It shouldn’t be a problem as long as your product is authentic.

2) What’s the scoop on this? Do launches help products rank quickly on Amazon?

The short answer to your question is yes. A product launch is a promotion event that your company organizes to spread the word about your product. Potential customers will be attracted to your product by offering a huge discount, regardless of whether or not they actually want it.

It will only take a few months before Amazon’s algorithm recognizes the large sales volume generated by these coupons. As a result, your product will rank higher in search results for the targeted keywords you selected as a favourable and relevant product for that particular search term. If you are interested in search find buy, you can see our article here.

3) Are launches pure rank manipulation and “black-hat voodoo?”

Blackhat sellers, also known as “blackhat sellers”, are increasingly common. They use sneaky strategies to steal listings from legitimate sellers. These threats come mostly from outside the U.S., so be careful when sharing your product with foreign entities.

Continue reading to find out more about Amazon’s product launch services.

What is Amazon’s product launch service, and how does it work?

Amazon product launch services can help clients rank their products on page one for targeted keywords. They do all the work and take care of the rest. To get positive customer reviews, they use a variety of strategies. Because of the steep markdowns (in some cases, more than 50%), these discounts are sometimes called “giveaways”. You can also use Facebook Advertising to reach potential buyers and quickly improve your ranking.

Amazon Product Launch Checklist for 2020: 5 Steps

A few key elements are necessary to launch a product successfully and maintain your rank once you have reached page 1. This checklist will help you launch a successful product.

1) Do your research

Is your product something buyers want and will buy? Is your product original and innovative, or is it a copy of an existing product? Is it innovative or new? Is the product likely to excite customers by solving a problem or providing some assistance? Before you launch an Amazon product, these are the questions that you need to ask. If your answer is no to any of these questions, you might want to reevaluate your options before putting your product on Amazon for sale.

2) Pricing

The average consumer will be more inclined to buy a product priced between $15 and $25 than risk their money on something significantly more costly. It is important to make sure that your product is affordable and that your customer understands the product’s value. What sets your product apart from the thousands of other products? You should also allow for some pricing flexibility. This will give you the chance to increase sales and offer promotions that will help improve your ranking.

3. Provide quality content

Although this may seem obvious, it is often where Amazon sellers fail. Your product should be attractive and appealing to customers. We don’t mean just the price. It is important to have high-quality product photography, including lifestyle shots that show how the product is used. The product description and information should be concise and clear. Your listing should be updated regularly to reflect changes in market trends.

4) Be consistent in advertising and promotion

You want to make the most of your marketing dollars. Make use of Amazon’s Sponsored Products Ads and Sponsored Brand Advertisings to your advantage. Make sure to have a strategy for marketing off Amazon. Your product launch can be fueled by advertising on Facebook or Google.

5) Plan your next product launch

To maintain consistency in your ranking, you can consider a second launch period after your product has been launched. Your product can be discounted over time. This will allow you to increase your organic sales.

These are the best Amazon product launches strategies that you can use for 2021

There are strategies that sellers can use to stay ahead of the curve in 2021, even though it is impossible to predict what Amazon Marketplace will change in the next year. These are just some of our top tips.


In short, money-generating keywords are the keywords someone searches for in order to purchase your product. These are some money-generating keywords for tiny houses:

  • “Cookware to sell” – This demonstrates buyer intent.
  • “Copper Cookware Set” You can see that the person who is searching has narrowed their choices and knows exactly what it is they are looking for. They are likely in the buying phase.
  • “Rachel Ray Copper Cookware Set” – The person is already familiar with the brand as they were either a) targeted by a Facebook Ad or Google Ad, b) recommended by a friend or c) found you organically through a branded search for the tiny home they are looking for.

You can narrow down your marketing budget by identifying the top keywords that your audience is searching for.


This strategy has the advantage of allowing you to discover keywords that are easier to rank for. If a few of your competitors rank on page one for a keyword it is obvious that this keyword is important for you to target. You will face a lot of competition.

Your product’s path to success is now easier if only one or two of the top competitors rank on page 1.


We don’t deny that it is important to focus on the main keywords. You can’t ignore the rest of your keywords. If a keyword only brings in one sale per month, what’s the point? What if 100 keywords brought you one sale per month? These keywords might be worth your time, but you might reconsider whether they are worthwhile.

It can all add up!

Remember that if your product matches the image customers see, you need to ensure you are searchable using as many keywords as possible. You should consider all the keywords that customers might use to search for products similar to yours and ensure you are targeting them.


Your keyword research will focus primarily on short-tail keywords when you launch your product on Amazon. It’s important to search for “long-tail keywords” to drive more traffic to your product listing.

Let’s now look at some other companies that offer product launches for sellers once you have mastered product launch services on Amazon.

Jungle Scout Launch

Jungle Scout, an Amazon product launch service that offers various products and packages to boost your business’s success, is very popular. The Product Database helps sellers identify high-demand items and provides them with product ideas. You can also get customer reviews and increase the number of sales by using product promotions. Jungle Scout offers three pricing options:

  • Basic- $19/mo
  • Suites – $49/mo
  • Professional- $84

Launch Viral Product

Viral Launch promises to take your business to the top with features such as uncapped coupons and access to a large buyer audience. Although their website is unclear in their approach, it appears that their main strategy is to maximize the use of “giveaways”, which can increase brand awareness and propel your product to page 1. With 4 packages available, Viral Launch is slightly more expensive than other Amazon product launch services.

  • Beginner- $50/mo
  • Pro- $83/mo
  • Brand Builder – $125
  • Kinetic- $166

Rapid Crush Private Label Seller launches

Rapid Crush offers little information on their services. However, they use a webinar-based sales method to generate revenue. Clients who want to create their own webinars can either get DIY training or have them do it for you. For those who just need some extra brainpower to support their business, they also offer consulting services. Their site does not offer to price.

Pageoneify Product Launch

Pageoneify, also known as Pageonify, is an Amazon product launch platform that claims to be unique because it generates “organic” traffic for your product instead of relying solely on paid traffic. Their approach isn’t unique. Their website states that their strategy involves keyword research and custom PPC campaigns. This is exactly what other services offer. Many other services offer all of the above. Once your listing is on page one, you have to make sure it continues to be successful. Pageonify doesn’t offer anything unique, particularly considering their high pricing. You can expect to spend nearly $300 for a keyword launch.

Judolaunch Product Launch

Chris Rawlings, an Amazon seller with many years of experience, created Judolaunch. The Judolaunch approach is very similar to Pageonify. You simply need to post your listing and pay traffic to get your product on Amazon. Judolaunch does not appear to have any unique selling points. Although their formula is visibility and conversion creating sales, it doesn’t necessarily make them stand out in a growing market of competitors.

Why Organic Searches’s Product launches are the best option for Amazon sellers

Organic Searches is different from other launching services. They focus on small businesses reaching financial freedom and bringing them to the top using highly targeted online marketing strategies. Their Tank or Rank service, which aids with product launches, ensures that you reach the right customers and establish a competitive market position. You also get the best ranking results from the start. Each customer is provided with a customized dashboard that allows them to monitor and track all aspects of their campaign. Organic Searches also helps you to forget about pages and other positions. They will optimize your website for organic keywords and help you become a 7 or 8 Amazon Figure seller. Izabella Hamilton is the founder of the company. She has a passionate team that will help you succeed and rank first.

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