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ISAC’s college access and outreach activities are focused on helping families navigate the numerous steps involved in career and college planning as well as finding, applying to and paying for college. These activities provide tremendous support to improving the high school to college transition for students in need.

That’s why we believe and support ISAC’s mission of providing trustworthy information to prospective students ahead of time is important to avoid predatory lending and make education less expensive.

Highlight: 77% YOY traffic growth in September and a 62% growth over last year on average.

Over the years we’ve grown ISAC’s site by the double digits and it keeps growing! Focusing on SEO and PPC as the primary channels to get the message out.

888K Impressions, $1.99 CPM and we've saved millions of dollars and saved students

We’ve helped get the word out on affordable college options and the help you can receive from ISAC. We’ve saved countless students from taking on the burden of debt without knowing their financial options.

Even  Governor Pritzker joined ISAC and its partners during College Changes Everything® Month to spread the word about the importance of education or training after high school, and all the resources available in Illinois to help students pursue their education and career goals.

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