The Sono Chicago

95% Booking Rate

SEO + Marketing Automation

Brand new company out in the old town neighborhood in Chicago in 2018. The owner wanted to provide a premium bed in breakfast experience that would rival other bed in breakfast places. He needed exposure and he needed sales.

Project summary

The building was going up and the owner needed a new website and sales. We talked about the ecommerce component and the analytics of connecting the booking engine to understand where the traffic was flowing through as well as understanding if there were any issues with booking. We needed a branding strategy and not just a traffic strategy. We also needed to get the right media outlets and understand what type of competition was dominating search.

The Strategy

Feeling confident about having worked with previous hotels and service based industries about how and what needed to be present on those pages to get the right audiences to checkout, we went to work.


  • Created several press releases to get media outlets interested
  • Created an SEO plan around a few keywords for the right audiences
  • Used OTO services(, Travelocity, TripAdvisor) and ranked them
  • Consulting around brandingĀ 

Proven Results

The site currently ranks no. 1 and no. 2 on Google and and ranks no. 1 within those OTO sites with a 95% booking rate. The hotel launch was a total success. The plan took around 1 month to execute with results appearing within the first 60 days and a 6 month -1 year to fully optimize the site.

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