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WooCommerce & WordPress

Ecommerce Development

Brand new company. The client wanted a new website, help with channel marketing and branding.

Project summary

Client wanted to launch a new medical device on a platform outside of Shopify to be able to reduce long term costs as well as be in total control of the website. The site also had to be optimized for speed and use the latest technology to serve pages quick enough during the buying process. The client also needed consulting and help with funnels, ads and keyword targeting.

The Strategy

A WordPress build with Woo Commerce  was used. We added nitro to serve the pages under 2 seconds. The site also used a combination of plugins to serve upsells and down sales during the checkout process.  We developed the content, image assets, and used the best UX format for purchasing.  

  • Targeted best commercial intent keywords using a combination of Bing/Google and Amazon platforms during the research process.
  • Created an SEO plan around high intent keywords with low competition
  • Created ads, content, and targeting on Bing and Google.
  • Provided guidance to list products on Bing Shopping and Google Shopping using XML feeds.
  • Provided guidance on suppliers, fullfillment, private labeling and best practices to list item on Amazon

Proven Results

The  site took about 1 month to build, ads showed a CTR of 16% with a top impression rate of 90% with an average CPC of 1.50 which we managed to get down to .47 cents per click. Client is on track to net 3X ROI without any retargeting or creative change in ads.



Conversion Rate

Top 5 Keywords



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