Non-Profit Education Case Study

ISAC saw a recurring $7500/mo savings and multiple #1 spots on google.

Immediate Jump in visitors

SEO + Social Ads

The business was suffering from a lead generation problem as well as a UX problem.

Project summary

The clients website suffered from thousands of errors, deep pages that weren’t 3 clicks away, slow speed time and no PPC or social strategy.

The Strategy


Performed a site audit to find their strength and weakness in the space, on the site, and internally. First created a few systems for automation such as a content calendars across multiple channels, then met with team members to assess weekly reporting. Implemented SEO optimizations across key pages, performed UX testing and redesigned new landing pages to increase engagement and conversions.


  • Onpage SEO
  • Link Outreach
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Analytics
  • PPC audit

Proven Results

  • Within 30 days we got the sites errors down to 3.4K of which 2K are low priority and has minimal effects to website SEO
  • Site speed improvements went from 2.2 load to 1.34 sec page load times. Anything under 2 seconds is extremely fast and good for ranking purposes
  • Site traffic saw an overall increase of 8% YOY (year over year) over the last 3 months
  • Site saw a DA increase to 60 within 1 year
  • $200 spend yielded 95 qualified leads


YOY Organic Channel


YOY Direct


YOY Social Channel

New Keywords

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