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30 Day ROI

PPC + Conversion Optimization

The business was using a PPC vendor and wanted an audit along with a comprehensive audit of their existing web properties.

Project summary

The brand was losing share of voice in the space as well as hitting revenue targets in multiple channels. They wanted to grow their revenue across their email channel and organic search channel. They also had multiple websites that spoke to the same audience and they felt like they weren’t speaking efficiently to their audience with one branded message.

The Strategy


Performed a site audit to find their strength and weakness in the space, on the site, and internally. First created a few systems for automation such as a content calendars across multiple channels, then met with team members to assess weekly reporting. Increased ROAS targets while decreasing or eliminating non performing campaigns, implemented SEO optimizations across 600+ pages, reorganized multiple products to increase average order value, performed UX testing and redesigned new landing pages to increase engagement. 


  • Onpage SEO
  • Link Outreach
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Analytics
  • PPC audit

Proven Results

In the year with our services, the company saved $432,000 in adspend, boosted return on advertising spend (ROAS) from the initial .8 target to a 1.5 target, which increased revenue by 12% over the next 2 months. It also increased revenue across channels, including e-mail, that was bringing in $500 per month previously to a new $6K-9K/mo. SEO saw a 3X in traffic in less than 30 days and many keywords saw boosts from page 2 to page 1 in less than 90 days. The company increased their share of voice and now provided a cohesive branded voice to their audience that was more profitable than before.




60 Day revenue increase

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