Case Study

From SEO to alternative marketing using RVM’s and SMS site gets 50-100 leads a day

Dramatic results

SEO pushed various second page long tail keywords to the front page.

Client wanted to use other channels to lift sales and we integrated RVM and SMS to get lead costs way down!


Project summary


We worked with them to understand the demand most real estate companies face and the problems that needed to be solved to take a lead to a client. We integrated a CMS to capture the call and a CRM system to qualify the lead and to follow up with. In addition we boosted the overall SEO of the site for long tail keywords in less competitive search terms in just a few months.

The Strategy

We developed an inhouse RVM and SMS system that allowed our client to upload their cold audience and to blast out their offer immediately. For SEO we used a combination of outreach, guest posting, Web 2.0 sites and private links to boost traffic to the site.


  • RVM system
  • SMS system
  • CRM system
  • Analytics
  • Cost Per Lead Tool

Proven Results

Within a matter of a week client was seeing 50-100 calls per day from hot qualified marketing channels and his conversion rate is up 5% from 20%. Cost per lead went from average $300 to around $10!


Search Traffic


Conversion Rate

Top 3 Keywords


Online Leads

More Successful Projects

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Running paid ads to Facebook and Google has been instrumental in our growth and we saw great results with Google Ads. Will continue to grow our channels thanks to DMA.


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