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Amazon selling can be very profitable if you are a good marketer and have the right tools.

It can be nerve-racking trying to make your product standout in a sea of competition. Amazon tools can help you increase sales and rank products higher. is a new Amazon software which can help you grow your audience and rank products higher.


Pixelfly was developed by the experts at Seller Tradecraft and is a URL Tracker and Shortener for Amazon marketers and sellers. It allows sellers to pixel or retarget traffic using a variety Super URLs that are made just for Amazon. allows you to create TimeStamp URLs and TwoStep URLs. You can also use any type of Amazon URL you need for your campaign including Canonical, Supreme or Storefront URLs.

Pixelfy can create 12 different types of links for different purposes. Pixelfy offers deep linking services as well, but their speciality lies in embedding an retargeting pixels into every link you shorten.

A retargeting pixel turns your link into a tracking link. This allows you collect data about every person who clicks your link.

This URL generator is very beneficial to Amazon sellers, as it allows them to rank for keywords!

Amazon URL Shorteners: What You Need To Know

You must ensure that you control every aspect of the traffic you send to Amazon products.

Customer’s journey. From the link you use to share your product’s webpage, to how you deliver it.

Many URLs used by sellers are unfriendly for social media ads. They also make the text too long. This can lead to lower click-through rates and even lead to fewer people clicking through your ads. A smart URL can make a significant impact on your sales because it will bring in more traffic. URL shorteners take long URLs (which may be more than 100 characters in length) and convert them into manageable links with a maximum length of 20 characters. This will increase clicks and ultimately sales.

To make your link more appealing, you can use a URL Shortener whenever you plan to use it. It will track clicks to that link so people pay more attention.

You can also create retargeting audiences using custom links based on specific clicks. This will help you improve your ad targeting skills. Let’s look at some situations where you might benefit from using a URL shortener.

Branded links

The link is a key feature for private label sellers. Because people must see your brand name and be reminded over and over again, this is why the link is so important for private label sellers. You need to ensure that you have a link people want to click on whenever you advertise your product via social media.

Just imagine you’re using a link like “”. It is ugly and no one will click it. A URL Shortener can help you avoid these situations and create attractive, brand-branded links.

Easy to remember/type links

Links are easy to remember and type quickly

You should use links that are simple to remember and easy to type in. If you use long links that aren’t very clear, people won’t bother to type it in.

Promotions are the same. Use links that are easy to share and accessible by others. Keep this in mind! It will bring you more traffic if your link is simple to remember and type.

Keyword-targeted super URLs

Keyword-targeted super URLs are a great way to rank higher in Amazon searches. This will enable you to drive traffic and simulate organic searches for high volume keywords.

Super URLs can be very lengthy and difficult to share. URL Shorteners are able to reduce your 2-step URL and make it more attractive so that you can dramatically improve the performance of all your marketing campaigns.

What are TRACKING LINKS and how can they improve your keyword ranking?

You can optimize your campaigns with powerful tools like Super URLs and tracking links. A tracking link is a way to shorten your Amazon URL and add some cool features. This URL will redirect customers to your product listing if they click on it. has 12 types of tracking links available! Each link serves a different purpose and can be embedded pixels. Let’s take a look at some Super URLs that Pixelfy offers:

URL Rotator

You can use the URL Rotator to allow sellers to distribute clicks to more than 50 destinations. This tool is extremely useful when you run campaigns that target multiple keywords.

Supreme URL

You can use the Supreme URL tool from Pixelfy to generate Amazon’s URL. This will allow you to know the exact time and keyword attribution.

Canonical URL

Search engines account for 25% of Amazon’s search traffic. Therefore, it is important to create a link that will allow you to optimize your site for search engines other than Amazon. Canonical URL is a great SEO option to increase your Google rank.

Purchase Together URL

This Super URL lets you manipulate Amazon’s “Frequently Bought Together” section by redirecting traffic to a button that adds two items into the cart. The FBT section will be displayed if there are enough items purchased.

Add to Cart URL

Conversions made through the “Add to Cart URL” usually simulate an Alexa purchase. This will increase your chances of earning Amazon’s Choice badge.

Seeker URL

Your customers will find your product by searching for it in search results. If your listing is located within 6 pages of the target keyword, it will direct customers to the product and the click the buy button. Amazon cannot detect this.

Each Pixelfy Super URL includes a report that allows your customers to see the number of unique clicks generated.



It will shorten and create Amazon links using retargeting pixels from Facebook or LinkedIn.


It shares your links via email, social media and ad platforms to increase clicks and grow your customer base.


It tracks your link analytics. It will track your link analytics, from measuring campaign performance sources to the advertising platforms – all in one place and all in real time.


The Supreme URL is a two step URL. Customers must first go to search results before they can click into your listing. While most people believe they have an impact on search rankings, it is not as significant as Search Find Buy campaigns., the only link-shortening software that allows advanced Amazon sellers to create Super URLs for specific results, is the only one.

PIXELFY.ME VS BIT.LY LINK SHOORTENERS, one of the most popular link management platforms in the world, helps to create short branded links that drive digital marketing campaigns. It also tracks performance through analytics. It’s designed for small and medium-sized businesses that want to grow their audience and increase sales.

It provides a range of data and analytics that enable businesses to control their customer experience. It turns links into versatile and powerful assets. These links help to strengthen brand integrity and connect across devices and channels. They also provide actionable insights and enable brands to collect valuable information.

Bitly offers branded short links, mobile deeper linking, expanded analytics and user management. Bitly can create, organize, optimize, display and analyze insights from all links distributed throughout an entire company, both internally and externally.

Bitly pros

It’s more than a link shortener

Bitly is a popular link shortener. Users and marketers can create customized and encrypted short links and review data to analyze the number of clicks generated by Bitly links. Bitly can also be integrated with other apps and tools, including social media and digital marketing dashboards, to give you the best possible experience.

It is easy to set up and use

Bitly is easy to use and set up. You will feel at ease using Bitly, even if you haven’t used a link-shortener before. It only takes a few minutes to create an account and start using it.

TIP!You can also find a “Bitly 101” user guide that provides a wealth of resources and videos to help you make the most of the link-shortener tool.

Bitly cons


Bitly’s biggest drawback is its high cost. Bitly offers a limited free plan that allows you to create only 1,000 links per month. This is a great free plan that could be sufficient for small businesses. You can create up to 1,500 links per month with the Basic plan. It also includes a custom domain. Bitly offers an additional pricing tier that can be customized for enterprise users who need more.

Prices start at $29 per monthly. You can also purchase enterprise plans at a customized price. RebateKey


Discounts and rebates are a great way for sellers to get ahead in today’s highly competitive market.

Who doesn’t like freebies? Freebies are something we all enjoy, right? Statistics show that 60% of online shoppers search for discounts and coupons before purchasing.

Tools such as RebateKey use incentives such as coupons, discounts, rebates that allow the customers to purchase your products for less while enabling you to grow as a seller. This online marketplace offers both buyers and sellers dual benefits.

The RebateKey platform allows sellers to:

  • Connect with your customers and reach them
  • Increase brand awareness and visibility
  • High-conversion coupon and cashback campaigns
  • Increase visibility and increase sales for businesses


To list product rebates on the platform you must first create an account. Although the signup process is simple and quick, you will need additional information to verify your business information.

After you have set up your account, submit a rebate campaign with all details about the product to be promoted.

Once RebateKey approves your rebate campaign, your products will be made available for purchase on the platform.

  • A buyer will click on your product to be taken to Amazon Prime (or Amazon) where he can purchase the item at full price.
  • Your buyer will then have one hour to contact RebateKey, letting them know if the product was purchased. Each purchase will be reviewed by the company’s order ID.
  • RebateKey will mail each buyer a check for the agreed amount after 35 days. You, the seller, will have 35 days to approve or notify Rebate Key about any product returns.
  • Rebate Key will mail your buyer a check after 35 days.


RebateKey’s main strategy is to give away a variety of items daily in exchange for a certain volume of full price Amazon sales, customer reviews, and the chance to rank higher on Amazon.

How to Launch a Successful Product with PIXELFY.ME and REBATEKEY

  1. Register for a Account and create a Supreme URL. Enter the ASIN of the product, Amazon marketplace, and keywords you wish to target.
  2. Step 2: Register as a seller on RebateKey. When asked for the URL to the Amazon product pages, enter the Supreme URL that you have created previously.
  3. Let existing RebateKey customers purchase your product. This will help you rank the product, drive Facebook/Instagram traffic to your Rebatekey product page, and increase sales.
  4. You’ll be able to see your rankings and sales rise as both the tools work together. The ability to reach out to your buyers via RebateKey will allow you to get the full price of the Amazon product purchase URL.


There are many free online link shorteners such as and However, those link shorteners only provide statistics on clicks. Pixelfy allows you to track these users later through retargeting campaigns.

It’s more than a URL shortener. It can take your long URL and turn it into anything you want. You can also add a retargeting pixels to every link you shorten.

An advantage to embedding a code pixel in your link is that you can target customers again with targeted ads after they have visited your site or taken actions. These ads can be used later on Facebook, Twitter Google LinkedIn or Google. You can also retarget interested users using these ads without Amazon’s campaigns. This makes a huge difference in your Amazon sales.

Let’s now see what Pixelfy can offer.

There are 4 pricing options:

  • Essential – $9.99 user/month

ID with unlimited pixels

Unlimited shortened links

Unlimited analytics

URL with custom suffix

Maximum of 5,000 clicks per month

  • Professional – $19.99 per month

Essential plan

Unlimited shortened links

Unlimited analytics

Unlimited landing pages

Maximum of 20,000 clicks/mo

  • Business – $49.99 per month

Unlimited landing pages

Unlimited Branded Subdomain URLs

Maximum 150,000 clicks per month

  • Enterprise – $99.99 user/month

Business plan

Unlimited landing pages

Unlimited Branded Subdomain URLs

Maximum of 500,000 clicks per month

The website can help Amazon sellers save their time and grow their businesses. 

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